Diamond Heart Angel

Offering comfort and healing in Divine partnership with God's Messengers


Dear Lori

Our sessions together were amazing. There was so much we talked about and those talks were such a help to me, also using the EFT was another tool that you showed me how to use.  I always felt so much better after our session. Thank you so much for your support and compassion.  I will be for ever grateful to you for your help.

Maddie H.

Lori is a wonderful, angelic light worker.Using the wonderful cards of Toni Carmine Salerno, I received very supportive guidance from the angels through Lori, bringing much needed peace of mind and heart. Lori has a gentle and very intuitive way of interpreting the cards and giving feedback. I very much recommend her as an angel intuitive.

Cathelijne F.

Lori is such a gentle soul and has a wonderful spirit. She brought so many resources to our sessions, but used them skillfully and purposefully and would adjust, based on what I needed. Her card readings were loving and supportive, very reflective of the angels, and she had concrete guidance and feedback for me during every session. I very much enjoyed our sessions together and appreciated her coaching.

Tiffany D.