Diamond Heart Angel

Offering comfort and healing in Divine partnership with the Angelic Realm


You are welcome to reach out with any questions you have regarding Angel Readings and Healing Sessions along with pricing/special packages. They can take place on Zoom, Skype or by Phone

With a vow taken and held under the guidance of Mary Magdalene –  Your sessions will be kept in strict confidence

For Readings: Receiving them by way of email is always a pathway for guidance as well

For Angelic/Spiritual Counseling: Tools such as: Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT) can be woven into your sessions.  We will also explore your unique Angelic Blueprint through Human Design.  All work together in unison, bringing greater understanding and clarity while opening the doors to inner peace and joy for you

Disclaimer: With your privacy protected and respected, your contact information remains confidential and is not ever shared. The healing services provided on this website offer additional support and are not intended to diagnose, treat or prescribe pharmaceutical medications for any condition. If needed, seek a licensed practitioner or physician for diagnosis and treatment.


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