Diamond Heart Angel

Offering comfort and healing in Divine partnership with God's Messengers



A warm welcome to you,

My name is Lori Martin. I am an Angelic Counselor, Writer and Musical Theatre Artist from Canada. My first experience as a Healer, outside of the Theatre, took place when I was a volunteer member of the Lay Care Team at a United Church in Toronto.  It was during that time I received training in Healing Touch.

While not completely aware at the time, this profound relationship with the Angelic Realm began at an early age with the inner knowing I was held in the presence of something mystical and nurturing.  It was God.

Then in the late 80’s, it took full flight in 2012.  Thankfully I was led to AngelsTeach: http://www.angelsteach.com. The unique training received, placed me further on the path towards healing and an even closer communication with God and the Angelic Realm.  Certified as a Angelic Life Coach and now a Minister of the Sacred Rose, the relationship continues to grow along with a comforting connection to Jesus, Mary Magdalene, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Elemental Kingdom, the Unicorns, Whales and Dolphins.

They, along with caring mentors and close friends have been instrumental in bringing me through very dark, tumultuous waters and heart altering life events.  Health challenges arising from the Epstein-Barr virus, personal losses, along with financial issues, have been at times, nearly impossible to swim through.

Helping others in partnership with the Divine opens the door to joy and a sense of purpose, for which I am grateful.

God and the Angels walk beside you at each turn and are there for you in every moment. They reside in your heart and are ready to listen always.

We are not alone in this dance. They bring peace and comfort along with the strength to breathe and move through each moment one step at a time.

May your day be brightly blessed,


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