Diamond Heart Angel

Offering comfort and healing in Divine partnership with the Angelic Realm


A warm welcome to You

My name is Lori Kilgour Martin.  A connection with the Realm beyond the veil began at an early age. Often feeling a sense of not belonging here on Earth, as I looked up at the clouds and stars, somewhere deep within an inner knowing I was held in soft, mystical energies helped ease the loneliness. Unseen at the time they were so nurturing just waiting to be fully realized.

Growing into the unexpected role of Angelic Intuitive – this calling was awakened slowly, beginning with songs learned in school, then ballet classes, community theater and singing in church choirs.  The creative sparks were lit while keeping my soul and heart grounded as each stage awakened; bringing me through difficult times and challenges to my health.

A traumatizing event in September of 1986 took me even deeper, following the break-in and theft of personal treasures while living in a downtown apartment.  A voice was heard with guidance to go away that weekend.  Trusting this advice, I was saved from immense danger – as events and more truth about that time was revealed, I realized fully the hand of God, Christ, Ancestors and the Angelic Realm held me in complete protection.

My first experience as a Healer, outside of the theater, took place when I was a volunteer member of the Lay Care Team at a United Church in Toronto. It was during that time I received training in Healing Touch.

In 2012, I was led to AngelsTeach: http://www.angelsteach.com.  When immersed in that energy, writing re-entered the scene unexpectedly. The unique training received also placed me further on the path towards healing and an even closer communication with the Celestial Realm.  Certified as a Angelic Life Coach and now a Minister of the Sacred Rose, the relationship continues to grow along with the comforting presence and guidance of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Elemental Kingdom, the Unicorns, Whales and Dolphins.

They, along with caring mentors and close friends have been instrumental in bringing me through very dark, tumultuous waters and heart altering life events.  Health challenges arising from the Epstein-Barr virus, the trauma experienced from personal losses felt at times, impossible to swim through.  The move into my parents apartment in 2008 was my only option at that time.  During the past 4 years, as their health declined – I stepped away from angel work and singing to look after them.  Grateful to be there 24/7, the energy needed was more than I could have imagined.  Help arrived, a door opened when my Dad was accepted into a Hospice.  The professional care in a home setting by wonderful nurses was such a relief and blessing.  A month later, he passed away.  It was the Fall of 2022 when the leaves began to transform their colour.  The focus is now on my Mom and our beloved cat as we navigate life without him here in the physical.  He brings us signs beyond the veil often which brings comfort to us. 

Changes to my diet were imperative in maintaining strength while withdrawing slowly from all pharmaceutical medications were and are another crucial aspect as I recover. The ongoing research into nutrition and supplementation of key vitamins and minerals continues. 

 Helping others in partnership with the Divine opens the door to joy and a sense of purpose, for which I am grateful. God and the Angels walk beside you too, are there for you and are ready to listen always.

We are not alone in this dance. We are eternally loved. The Divine Mentors bring us comfort along with the strength to breathe and move through each moment one step at a time.

May you and your loved ones, trust and know the Light is here ~ the Light is here.

Thank you for taking time in your day to visit.

Be safe and blessed,



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