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Gift For You

Photo Courtesy of Daiga Ellaby – Unsplash

Prayer and Meditation for the New Year

Dear God, Lord Jesus, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. As I begin this New Year, help me to forgive 2021, treasuring the magical moments and memories, while releasing all that no longer serves, all pain and difficult events in an easy and gentle way.

As the sun rises tomorrow and each day following, I offer gratitude for your continued presence in my life, the opportunity to breathe, begin again and to serve with an open heart. I ask this relationship with you deepen, as we embrace each new moment in this new year with Faith, Trust, Joy and Wonder together.

“We hear your prayer – know you are held, wrapped in the warmth of angel wings. The orbs of light dance round, light swirls of pink, gold, lavender and evergreen.

You are held here, as we invite you to sit comfortably with your legs uncrossed or stand if you are guided. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in and out. Imagine your feet are on fresh grass. Below the surface is a large radiant amethyst crystal. There is an energy field that looks like a white cloud at your feet. Envision this healing energy, along with the color of amethyst, it’s rich purple light travelling up through your feet, your calves and your legs until it reaches your root chakra. In constant motion, the healing energy begins to make its way up through your sacral chakra, solar plexus and is now travelling through your heart chakra.

Give yourself a moment to take in a deep breath in and out here. The amethyst light reaches your crown chakra, it merges with a gold sparkling orb of light from a citrine crystal above your head. Breathe in these light frequencies and see the gold and purple wash through you.”

The Unicorns are here as well and wish to share this message:

Our energy and love showers over you. Each cell in your physical body is ready to receive this pure light. You are invited to allow yourself acceptance of this healing. Know that you can call on us anytime. We love you and are happy to serve you in all ways.